UScellular 5G

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A Different Kind of Service

All 5G provides speeds way faster than today’s 4G LTE, as well as tremendous capacity. But not all 5G is the same. UScellular 5G uses a spectrum that isn't blocked by walls or barriers the way other carriers' 5G can be.

It removes limitations and provides an uninterrupted experience from outdoors to indoors. Wherever you are – city streets, country roads or in your home – the signal is there where and when you want to use it.

Speed you need
Expansive coverage
Reliable indoor / outdoor service
Won’t keep you waiting

UScellular 5G - Built for you.


What is 5G technology? 5G is a game changer. All our lives will be different – the way we work, play and connect will be significantly improved. But not all 5G is created equal.

UScellular spent a lot of time listening to customers and studying the way people actually use their cellular service. We created a unique 5G for individuals, businesses and governmental organizations to work and play better than ever before.

  • How is UScellular different? UScellular 5G will be supported by a new network built to deliver without limitations, that can go through walls and barriers other 5G cannot.
  • How fast is 5G? UScellular 5G is so much faster than today’s 4G it virtually eliminates latency, responding in what seems like real time.
  • What is network latency? It's that fraction-of-a-second delay you experience opening an app or starting a video with service slower than 5G.
  • Video chatting on UScellular 5G is seamless – when connecting on screens, it feels like there's no screen at all.
  • 5G for faster downloads and better streaming. With UScellular 5G, you'll download a movie in a fraction of the time you're used to and stream 4K movies with ease.
  • UScellular 5G means console-quality multiplayer gaming even in 3D that you can play on your handset.
  • 5G for AR and VR: Augmented and virtual reality will be a lot like reality.

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