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Unlimited Data


Device Protection Plus+

Get the data you need, plus peace of mind for your Smartphone included for 12 months- all without hidden fees:

No monthly connection charges

No data overage charges

No activation fees or upgrade fees

Things we want you to know

Taxes and charges such as USF and RCRF apply.

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Our Services

We have trained retail wireless professionals ready to assist you with account reviews, equipment setup and any issues you may have.

  • Trouble Shooting
  • In-store Bill Pay
  • Technical Support
  • Phone Set-up

About Us

B&H Computers has been an authorized agent for U.S. Cellular for over 15 years with locations in 4 states. Over the past years, we have been one of U.S. Cellular's repeat "elite" agents. For an ideal wireless experience, you need to visit with us where we do the right thing not some of the time, not part of the time, but EVERY TIME.

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